Free Support Groups

Free Groups for individuals struggling with Eating Disorders:

  • Support group for adolescents
  • Support group for adults
  • Support group for families who have a loved one who struggles with eating disorder
  • Support group for alumni

Free  Self-esteem Support Group:

  • Support group for adolescents
  • Support group for adults

At Beautiful Journey Recovery Center Inc. we offer FREE Support Groups for individuals in the community. These support groups are offered on a weekly basis and are non gender specific. These support groups are for adults, adolescents, families and alumni. The free support groups are available for those who may suspect that they have an eating disorder, those in recovery, family members who need more education/support on eating disorders, and those struggling with self-esteem.

Each support group is led by a licensed therapist. The support groups provide a space where individuals can share their life’s challenges and receive support from their peers who have similar challenges. Group setting allows individuals to listen, relate and support one another throughout recovery.

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For information on days and times please contact
Neli Pashikova, LCSW.